Meet Ken Hogan, Strategic Business Development Manager


I am a technology sales professional who has accrued more than nineteen years of hard industry experience. Known as an over-achiever, I see myself more as someone who sets goals and then works and takes action until I have reached them. I’m high-energy high-intensity all the time, and I see my day-to-day work life as an opportunity to excel and grow as an individual. Always aiming for the top tier, I’ve been successful time and again, often surpassing even my own expectations.

I prefer to build long-term relationships with my clients, approaching them strictly as relationships, which are never one-sided. I approach these relationships as partnerships, as situations where giving is expected just as much as taking. Bringing my creative and analytical mind wherever I go, I want to build something strong and lasting alongside the people with whom I work. Dedicated to serving my clients and bettering their organizations, I am passionate about offering value.

I began work at Epproach Communications in January of 2016 as the Strategic Business Development Manager. I am based out of Columbus, OH, where I live with my wife Michelle and our three children. Before my work at Epproach, I served in various leadership positions in the telecommunications industry for top-tier companies, like Sprint and DCS Technologies Corp. I was awarded the 2014 President’s Circle Award, an award that recognizes the most elite performers in Sprint Business.