Carolina Meadows adds to a growing portfolio of retirement communities outfitted with the Epproach WiFi Solution

WILMINGTON, NC – August 4, 2016Epproach Communications, the leading provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi and data networks, is providing managed WiFi services to Carolina Meadows, a continuing care retirement community located in Chapel Hill, NC.

“We are a ‘life plan’ community so our senior residents expect amenities that go above and beyond, and that includes wireless internet service,” Adam Pizzo, IT Manager at Carolina Meadows, said. “Our previous provider was using outdated equipment and offered poor customer service to the residents. We needed a solution that provided faster speeds and better service.”

Carolina Meadows chose Epproach Communications to provide their senior residents with the fastest, most reliable internet speeds on the market today. Certified Epproach technicians installed Enterprise Grade 802.11 AC wireless access points across the community. The Epproach system provides service in individual units and all common areas. Residents are able to securely connect to high-speed wireless internet using a state-of-the-art managed WiFi system that is monitored and supported 24/7/365. Senior residents are able to contact friendly, professional support technicians directly at any time.

Included inside the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution for CCRCs is an orientation and training session for residents. This 2-day session is designed to introduce residents to the new WiFi system through a detailed, step-by-step training process. Certified support technicians remain on-site to provide residents with support and answer any questions they may have. Carolina Meadows residents and staff were assisted with connecting to the fast-speed internet service.

Pizzo said that Epproach’s ability to provide a single community-wide network for the property helped to minimize traffic interference and improve speeds.  He also pointed to Epproach’s direct customer support service as an outlier among the bigger cable companies. “There’s very little wait and the process is a lot more simplified,” Pizzo said. “Providing that first level of support is really helpful for the staff. We’re not constantly running around trying to fix something we’re not familiar with – residents can just call Epproach technicians directly.”

“Retirement communities need our wireless internet services just as much, if not more, than everyone else,” Marty Hollingsworth, CEO of Epproach Communications, said. “We are excited to bring the best WiFi solution possible to them.”

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About Epproach Communications

Epproach Communications is the premier provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi networks for multiple dwelling units, including retirement communities, resorts, student housing and apartment communities.  Epproach provides the latest technology in a total turnkey solution that is tailored to the specific needs of their clients.  A proactive, 24/7/365 support team offers support to staff and direct to end users. For more information visit or call 910-202-4700.

About Carolina Meadows

Carolina Meadows is a retirement community for the independent based out of Chapel Hill, NC. For more than 25 years, we’ve been empowering people to live healthier, more active and more joyful lives through independent living, lifelong learning and integrative health and wellness. Our vibrant, wellness-focused community offers a comprehensive range of activities, amenities and services that inspire residents to discover their potential for a healthier and more fulfilled senior life. Learn more at