WILMINGTON, NC – Epproach Communications, the leading provider of Managed WiFi services for the multifamily housing space, today announced it has leveraged the open technology of leading smart home platform Wink to create the industry’s first integrated multifamily smart home solution that provides property management with the necessary controls for implementing smart home technologies in rental properties.


The unique solution gives renters the same smart home capabilities as single family home owners, while also allowing property management to maintain full management of the system, enabling a seamless transition between units. Residents can control their smart apartment products via a smartphone App from Epproach, branded as the management company’s own. The App also has the ability to provide property management with enhanced communications and additional integrated services for residents.


Utilizing Wink’s extensive reach into the smart home industry, Epproach Communications can support a vast array of automated/electronic door locks, thermostats, lights and other wirelessly enabled technology without being limited to one manufacturer. By using this first-to-market solution, property owners will be able to implement smart home technology simply and effectively in multifamily properties, providing a new and valuable amenity to their residents. The solution also creates significant efficiencies for the management company, streamlining the move-in and move-out processes and saving energy through automating household electronics. Through the Epproach interface, property management can easily allow maintenance temporary access to vacant apartments as well.


This solution is a natural evolution in technology for Epproach, a company that currently manages robust WiFi internet access for apartment communities nationwide. Epproach’s unique ability to provide private VLAN networks to each apartment unit allows Wink’s smart home capabilities to work seamlessly in the multifamily setting.


Epproach’s smart home solution for the multifamily space, powered by Wink, is not simply theory. The solution is currently deployed site-wide at Excelsior Park in Saratoga Springs, NY and will soon be implemented at 54 Station in Durham, NC.


Wink believes the benefits of the smart home should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of the footprint of their home or type of dwelling they reside in,” said Nate Morris, Wink’s Vice President of Partnerships. “We’re excited that Epproach Communications has leveraged our industry leading technology to provide an innovative solution for the multifamily industry.


Marty Hollingsworth, CEO of Epproach Communications, said Wink was the perfect partner for this initiative. “Epproach has been managing high-end personalized WiFi and internet networks for years and we have been working on integrating our solutions to the IoT space,” Hollingsworth said. “We are excited to be working with Wink to bring smart home capabilities to the multifamily space. This is just the beginning of the IoT products we will be able to offer.”



About Epproach Communications

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