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The Communiqué App, by Epproach Communications

Trust with your residents is built around openness, honesty, consistency, and respect. The Communiqué App from Epproach is a device that enables us to create those conditions with our residents. They know we hear them, they know we’re listening, and they know we’ll respond. It goes down to the heart of our relationship with our residents.

– Sterling Kelly, CEO of Burkely Communities

Epproach Communications is committed to providing the highest quality support to its customers. Included inside the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution is the Communiqué App, a state-of-the-art enhanced support tool that combines several community services into a one-stop-shop smartphone App. Take a look below to see how this one-of-a-kind App can benefit your community.

(Need an effective communication service but already have a WiFi solution? Don’t worry – Communiqué is available as a separate product. Learn more at Communiqué’s official website.)

Brand the App as Your Community’s Own.

app logos

Too expensive to build your own App, or too complex to support your current one? Don’t worry. The Communiqué App is flexible–it can branded as any company name, with any logo. Residents will simply have to search for your company name to download the App. Plus, the Epproach team provides 24/7/365 support for the App, maintaining and monitoring its usage at all times.

One of the things we really liked about the Communiqué App is not only could they brand an App for us, but they were also able to provide consistent and ongoing support for our ever-growing portfolio.

– Adam Byrley, Executive VP of Student Housing, The Preiss Company

Take a look at this clip to see just how beneficial a branded communication App is to property management and their residents:


A WiFi Management App.

The Communiqué App and its operating system has many functions, but perhaps the most valuable to property management is its WiFi management tools. Why is that?

Smooth Transition.

Property management can streamline and simplify the process of onboarding new residents to the Epproach WiFi system using the App’s desktop interface. The Epproach/Communiqué server can easily integrate with your back-office leasing system (like RealPage or Yardi). Property management then adds any new residents. As soon as that occurs, the Epproach/Communiqué system automatically adds each user to both the WiFi network as well as the App’s communication database. Within moments, each new resident is sent an email complete with all of their WiFi information. This all occurs in just a few simple steps for property management. Instead of having to rely on multiple systems and separate services to provide these kinds of tools, the Communiqué App consolidates it all into one simple, cohesive service.

Epproach - Property Management Onboarding

Proactive Resident Support.

The Communiqué App also opens up a valuable line of communication from residents/property staff to Epproach support technicians. Epproach technicians, who monitor and manage the WiFi network 24/7/365, can proactively communicate any WiFi issues to the community through the App. Residents can also bypass property management and speak directly to Epproach technicians using the Support Button on the App. Take a look at this demo video below to understand more:

Management of WiFi Use.

Inside the App’s interface, property management can activate or de-activate individual residents’ WiFi accounts. This makes it much easier for property management to manage and monitor their community’s WiFi security and usage.

resident wifi activation


A Unified Communication Service.

one message one click

The Communiqué App is first and foremost a tool that allows property management to communicate with their residents in a fast, efficient manner. By combining texts, emails, and App notifications into one cohesive service, the App enables property managers and staff to keep residents updated and in-the-know at all times, a priceless service in student housing.

Simplifying Communication.

Most apartment communities use a communication service, but it is often disjointed. There may be a separate system to send out texts, another system to send out emails, and an entirely different product to send out App notifications. Communiqué simplifies this process. Property management can send out a message through text, email and App notifications all in one push. Even better, property staff can send messages directly from the smartphone App–a huge advantage, especially in inclement weather conditions.

I love the fact that with this App you can use your own cell phone to make changes or post messages. When it’s bad weather and we just can’t get to work, knowing that we have the mobility to use our mobile phone to make announcements helps a lot. We can let residents know at that moment instead of leaving them wondering.

– Kelly Rodriguez, Property Manager at Spartan Crossing

Staying Connected with Residents.

Residents love the Communiqué App as well. It’s sleek design, easy-to-use interface, and simplicity keep residents engaged with property management in a way that appeals to them. Property management can update residents in real-time with vital information, like emergency situations or rent payments. Residents can stay updated about important community messages, fun community events, and interesting community news. All of this info goes directly to the one thing nearly everyone stays attached to: their phones.

cq benfist

Take a look at how UVGreensboro, a student housing property in Greensboro, NC, uses their company-branded Communiqué App to increase resident participation and staff productivity across the community:

Having this App to get more people in the door for events gives us–the property staff–more opportunities to speak to the residents about renewals. Getting renewals is much easier for us because the App is helping us get people in the door.

– Tristan, Leasing Agent at UVGreensboro

Communicating Effectively.

Property management can use the App from their mobile phones or from Communiqué’s desktop interface. Management can even create groups inside the desktop interface. This allows them to pinpoint individuals to send messages to, rather than to the entire community. The Communiqué system also allows Regional Managers to view all of their properties’ communication activity at any time. Our system not only keeps residents updated, but it keeps property staff all on the same page as well.

cq server

Using Texts.

Using Emails.

Using App Notifications.


The Communiqué App: Simplifying & Enhancing Community Services

The Communiqué App is currently employed in dozens of properties nationwide, with over 20,000 users. Top property management companies use the Communiqué App as the powerhouse for their very own branded Apps–like The Preiss Company, Burkely Communities, and EdR Collegiate Housing.

Still not convinced that the Communiqué App is right for your community? Take a look at what some of the top property management executives in the industry have to say about using the App and its services:


 The Future of the Communiqué App

Technology is constantly evolving–and so is the Communiqué App. We are working hard to incorporate even more services into our state-of-the-art system by simplifying and consolidating them into a clean, easy-to-use App. So, what’s next?

Smart Apartments.

Utilizing Epproach’s state-of-the-art WiFi networks, Communiqué is able to offer a comprehensive Smart Apartment solution for multi-family properties. Our Smart Apartment capabilities give residents an amenity that they’ve yet to know they need: control of their apartment unit from the palm of their hand. Residents can remotely control their smart apartment devices through our state-of-the-art App (which can be branded as your company’s own). With one touch, residents can power on their lights, lock their doors, or set their thermostat – from anywhere and at anytime. In a world that is now connected more than ever, this added level of connectivity and control will be an amenity only the Digital Age – and Epproach – can provide. Learn more about this unique offering today.

smart-interface (1)

Uber + Communiqué.

Communiqué is partnering with Uber to give residents a simple, easy way to get back home. With just one tap, the Uber button inside the App will automatically input your destination (your apartment address, already saved in the Communiqué system). Take a look to learn more:


Ready to simplify communication? Let’s chat!


Still not convinced? Take a look at testimonials from residents and property staff members on the Communiqué YouTube Channel.

The Communiqué App is an enhanced support product from Epproach Communications.
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