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Resort/HOA Community WiFi

Wireless internet service has become as common for us as telephones were 25 years ago. Guests simply expect it. The Epproach WiFi has been a delight. There have been no issues, and I don’t have to deal with it at all!

– Dennis Raynor, Manager of Apache Family Campground

Vacationers flock to luxurious resort properties, campgrounds or marinas to rest, relax, and unwind — but that doesn’t mean they want to disconnect. Fast, reliable internet connection is as much a necessity at resort properties as it is at a student housing property. Community WiFi is one of the most sought-after amenities for vacationers, no matter the location. It has been proven that a successful WiFi solution provides your property with better online reviews as well as increased customer loyalty.

In order to provide your residents with a hassle-free, reliable WiFi solution, your property must be outfitted with the very best networks in the business – courtesy of Epproach Communications. Take a look at how the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution can provide your property with this top-rated amenity.


Why Reliable WiFi Matters

Let’s face it: online reviews are very important in this industry. Resorts can be set in the most stunning locations, with top-of-the-line services and an excellent staff, but without a reliable WiFi system, reviews will continue to be negatively affected. Providing a top-rated amenity like managed, property-wide WiFi for your guests has a direct affect on the success of your property. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution helped to improve online reviews, and in turn improve the property’s reputation, at Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina. These are real results! Interested in seeing these results at your own property? Request a quote today.



The Epproach Managed WiFi Solution


The Epproach Managed WiFi Solution is a three-pronged approach to providing WiFi service. It’s proven to be the best, most reliable internet solution for resort properties. By designing custom WiFi or hardwired networks for custom-made for each property, proactively monitoring and managing those networks, and providing 24/7/365 enhanced customer support to each of your guests, our team of certified professionals make it easy to provide such a sought-after amenity.


pro installation

Epproach begins with BICSI certified technicians designing a network that is custom-built to your property. Each network is designed with the needs of each individual community in mind. Everything from the placement of the AP radios to the distribution of bandwidth is configured and implemented in a timely manner.

A durable outdoor WiFi system.

Having trees is a big problem for WiFi in RV parks. That was the biggest issue that scared everyone away. I’ve looked at many different systems, and nothing really stuck until I saw Epproach’s outdoor system. I said, ‘this is exactly what we need’.

– Butch Puplava, Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina / Hilton Head Island, SC

Resort properties, and especially RV campgrounds or marinas, are often located in gorgeous locations far away from the hustle and bustle of city centers. But nature’s obstacles – like trees or hills – can make it difficult to provide strong connections to guests. Don’t worry! Epproach uses enterprise-grade, state-of-the-art outdoor wireless radios to broadcast a secure and reliable WiFi connection throughout the property. Our certified technicians design a solution that guarantees the maximum amount of coverage. Better yet, our WiFi equipment is so durable it can even survive a hurricane! Take a look at how FEMA disaster recovery specialists relied on Epproach WiFi to assist Hilton Head Island, SC immediately following Hurricane Matthew:

Equipment that doesn’t detract from your property.

Epproach makes it a priority at each of our sites to ensure that the wireless internet equipment stays behind the scenes. Wireless radios are installed according to each owner’s wishes, and can be easily camouflaged from guests’ view.



Epproach provides enterprise-grade Managed WiFi networks that are proactively managed and monitored 24/7/365 by certified technicians. Our technicians are able to distribute the proper bandwidth across all property-wide networks, giving each guest fast, reliable Internet speeds.

Solving problems before they happen.

With some of the other WiFi systems, if you have a problem you have to call, wait for a technician to arrive and then solve it. But with Epproach, when we call the technicians already know what the issue is.

– Butch Puplava, Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina / Hilton Head Island, SC

Our dedicated team of support technicians monitors and manages your property’s WiFi network 24/7/365. If there is an issue, we can remotely diagnose and solve the issue quickly and efficiently. This is especially important for resort properties that may be located in hard-to-reach islands or towns.




The Epproach team values the relationships we build with our customers. What makes the Epproach solution stand out from other competitors in the industry is our commitment to 24/7/365 customer support, which can take many forms.

I have always been impressed with the Epproach WiFi system – it has performed basically error free for over 2 years. Equally important, I have been totally impressed with the support staff. Their attention to details for their customers’ concerns, and their in-depth technical knowledgeable is commendable. It’s so nice to deal with a company that addresses the needs of their customers in a fast and efficient manner.

– Gary Larson, Property Manager of Pine Knoll Townes / Atlantic Beach, NC

In-house team of certified support technicians.

Epproach’s in-house team of support technicians are dedicated to ensuring that each community receives the best possible care. Each property is assigned a lead technician that is directly responsible for support and service, guaranteeing that each call or request is handled appropriately and efficiently. All of our technicians are on call 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring your guests are supported even on the busiest holidays. Meet our support team!


WiFi (e)Portal.

The Epproach Customer Portal (e)Portal is another enhanced support feature provided to property management and residents by Epproach.


The Epproach Portal serves as a one-stop shop for all of your WiFi needs. Property management can monitor the status of support tickets from each guest and view property-wide WiFi statistics–like community usage stats, top programs used by guests, and top APs across the property. This information can help you to better understand your full-time residents, your guests and their WiFi usage.

Request a free demo of the (e)Portal today!


WiFi is a Top-Rated Amenity for Vacationers

We don’t mean to brag, but our WiFi is pretty great. Epproach has a proven track record of success since its inception in 2004, and we are consistently building upon that record with each new property. It’s become apparent that fast, reliable WiFi is an amenity that is in demand for vacationers and permanent residents alike. This is certainly the case for Sea Coast Suites, a beach resort property located on the coast of Topsail Island, NC.


Before Epproach WiFi, the property was suffering from slow, unreliable internet service.

The previous WiFi system we had would frustrate our full-time residents on a daily basis and disappoint our vacationing guests that were promised Wi-Fi service. This would especially (and very understandably) frustrate our residents that work from home and attended school online, and we were worried this would lead to a loss in return customers. Epproach was the solution to our problem.

– Bethany Guthrie, Property Manager of Sea Coast Suites

After Epproach technicians designed and installed an enterprise-grade wireless network for the property, guests and full-time residents were able to connect to fast, reliable internet access with ease and security. This high-quality, top-rated amenity added a competitive edge to Sea Coast Suites among the other resort properties along the coast.

Resort WiFi review

Epproach promised to provide the best service for the best price, a smooth transition for our residents and great follow up service. They followed through 100%. After YEARS of frustrating Wi-Fi and disappointing service, Epproach solved all of our Wi-Fi issues. Our experience with Epproach has been amazing, and we are incredibly pleased with every aspect of the service they have provided.

– Bethany Guthrie, Property Manager of Sea Coast Suites

Sea Coast Suites is just one example of the many properties that have been transformed by using the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution. Take a more in-depth look at other properties and their experience with Epproach WiFi on our YouTube channel. See other testimonials from our happy clients. Contact us if you want to see results like this.


Epproach is the Best in the Business

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Epproach’s unique Managed WiFi Solution is the best in the industry, complete with a dedicated team of certified professionals that truly care about your property and its success. No other company can offer the enhanced level of support we provide.

We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, providing services to properties nationwide. Over 100,000 people use our networks each day.

Still not convinced Epproach is the right provider for your property? Take a look at the benefits of the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution from the perspective of a seaside resort property’s staff and guests:



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