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Managed Smart Home Solutions for Apartment Communities

Epproach Communications is one of the first companies in the country to provide Managed Smart Home capabilities to apartment communities. We’re old pros at Managed WiFi, which makes us uniquely qualified to provide wirelessly connected features to hundreds of residents in large apartment communities. This brand new, state-of-the-art amenity can give your community the competitive edge it needs to compete in a crowded field.

A New Amenity for the Digital Age.

Our Managed Smart Home capabilities give residents an amenity that they’ve yet to know they need: control of their apartment unit from the palm of their hand. Residents can remotely control their smart devices through our state-of-the-art Epproach App (which can be branded as your company’s own). With one touch, residents can power on their lights, lock their doors, or set their thermostat – from anywhere and at anytime. In a world that is now connected more than ever, this added level of connectivity and control will be an amenity only the Digital Age – and Epproach – can provide.

Smart Product Set

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We’ve partnered with Wink to provide easy control and access to our Smart Product Set. Each product is connected to the Wink Hub, which in turn communicates with the Epproach App and allows residents to control their devices remotely.


Add as many light bulbs throughout your apartment as you’d like. Dim each light to any brightness. Set schedules for your lights – turn on when home, turn off at bedtime. Control your lights from anywhere, at any time.

door locks.png

Add as many door locks throughout your apartment as you’d like. Set pass codes for each apartment roommate, or for property staff members. Control your door lock from anywhere, at any time.


Set schedules for your thermostat – AC on during the day, heat on during the night. View your apartment temperature remotely. Control your thermostat from anywhere, at any time.

Smart Interface for Residents

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Our Smart Product Set is controlled exclusively through the state-of-the-art Epproach App. Inside the SmartHome Portal within the App, residents can control their thermostat, door lock or individual lights. Better yet: the Epproach App can be branded as your company’s own. Sound too good to be true? Try a free demo of the App today.

Smart Control for Property Management


Epproach provides an easy-to-use smart management system for property management. Residents are entered into the system via a batch upload. Property management can view and control all aspects of the system.

Manage Permissions.

Property management can enable or disable each product inside a resident’s unit. Plus: with the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution, property management can also activate or deactivate a resident’s WiFi permissions.

Vacate a Unit. 

In need of a simple, quick solution for resident move-outs? Look no further – with the Vacate feature, property management can simply click a button to power down a unit’s lights, reset the thermostat and lock the doors. It streamlines the often chaotic moving-out process into one easy step.

Smart Compatibility


Amazon Alexa.

Alexa, turn on the bedroom lights.” Control your smart products with your voice! Use Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to lock your door, turn your lights on or off, and even adjust your thermostat.


Hey Google, lock my front door.” Use the GoogleHome voice assistant to control your product set as well.

Wemo SmartHome.

Wemo‘s product set is now compatible with the Epproach Solution! Control any electrical device using Wemo’s SmartPlug. Provide a physical interface for your lights with Wemo’s light switch and light dimmer that can be mounted to the wall. Even monitor your apartment with Wemo’s NetCam HD+!


Set my thermostat to 72 degrees everyday at 8 am.” Set commands using the If This Then That system, now compatible with the Epproach Solution! IFTTT helps you to schedule unique and customizable commands that allows you to do more with the services you love – the possibilites are endless.

The future is now.

Smart Home capabilities for apartment communities are no longer a vision of the future. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the first fully managed Smart Home enabled community in the country – Excelsior Park in Saratoga Springs, NY – brought to you by Epproach Communications.

The SmartHome industry is booming, and the multi-family industry is beginning to experiment with this new technology. The possibilities for innovation are endless.  Outfit your property with the Epproach Solution and gain the competitive edge you need. This is an amenity that residents will be drawn to and will continue to invest in. Don’t wait any longer – it’s time to step into the future of resident living.